Our Power Use

I strongly believe it's essential to find anoher power source other than burnng fossil fuels. Burning fossil fuels creates air,water and soil pollution as well as a harmful by-product, greenhouse gass.



Solar Panels

Solar panels are a good source of electricity and are easy to maintain. They are light, so lots of them can be installed on every sturdy building or demountable. I believe we would be paying at least 80% less than what we pay now if we installed solar panels.

Water Turbines

When it starts to rain, solar pannels can't reach the sun so they don't work. This may be another problem if we are to install solar pannels in Byron Bay High School. Yet again, I've found another solution. When it rains, water runs down the side of the roof to a gutter, before being transfered into a water tank. I believe that if we got some small water turbines installed in the gutter on the side of the roof, we will constantly gain electricity.

We can also install water turbines in the storm water gutters located around our school. This would create enormous amounts of energy after storms or if it just simply rained. Though the cost of a water turbine would seem like a lot, they would probably pay for itself ten times over within the next decade.

Classroom light sensors

Ever day at around 12:00-1:05, the classroom is deserted. Students have gone to eat lunch and the teachers have gone to watch them eat lunch. Yet somehow this is the time of day when we use the most electricity. This is because lights, whiteboards, air-conditioning and computers are left on when classrooms are unattended. I believe the best option to solve this problem would be to create sensors on the classroom to detect if anyone is inside it. If not, the all the things in the room that use electricity will automatically shut down.