I believe, at Byron Bay High School, we can reduce the amount of paper we're wasting and reuse last year's old stationery.




Every year perfectly good stationery is being thrown away because often children think that next year will reveal more exciting things to fill their pencil cases with. But in reality, they are just throwing away rubbers and pens, only to replace then with more rubbers and pens. I think the solution to this problem would be to either send the unwanted stationery to poorer countries who would cherish it or simply reuse it.


Every day there are perfetly good pices of paper being trhrown away. It might have a small scribble on the side, or a crease in the middle of the page. It could of even been an extra blank copy from the printer! I say we shouldn't throw paper in the bin unless it is completely unable to be drawn or written on.

In the classroom, teachers sometimes hand out small pieces of paper that contain the instructions for the lesson. Each class has around 30 children in it. There are around 20 classes in the school. If eacch child were to recieve one piece of paper, then that would be 600 pieces of paper wasted when all that needed doing was to write the instructions on the board.