Our Bins

Lots of people, every day, throw waste in the wrong bin. At Byron Bay High School
I want to help people put the right rubbish in the right bin.



Soft Plastic Recyling
Composting and Worm farms
New Bins

Soft Plastic Recycling

According to Byron Council's waste management system, soft plastics can be recycled if they are put in plastic bags and thrown in the recycling bin. Currently this is not happening. Soft plastics are either being thrown in the red bin that goes to landfill or left as litter in our school. To lessen our environmental impact, I propose we create new bins for soft plastic so it doesn't go to landfill. You can also recycle soft plastics at home. Just get a plastic bag, fill it with soft plastics, tie it up and throw it in the recycling.

Composting and Worm Farms

Did you know that throwing food scraps in landfill creates more greenhouse gas than your car?

I think it would be a good idea to have more worm farms at Byron High. Worm farms are good for the environment because they help food scraps break down faster and make rich fertiliser for plants. They would help reduce the amount of food scraps sent to landfill and I think they would cut back our environmental impact greatly.

A worm farm is a small bin with three draws. The middle level is spread with compost and newspaper. The top is where the food scraps go. And the bottom is where the 'excess moisture' goes.

There are many things that can go in the worm farms like food scraps, tea bags coffee grinds and moist cardboard or newspaper. But for the things that can't be worm-farmed like citrus, chili ,ginger and garlic, I suggest we also have compost bins to put them in too.


At byron skate park, there was only one bin and everthing was happy. One afternoon, the bin was moved to a smaller park a small distance away. Because it was allllll the way over there, people stopped putting rubbish in the bin. Soon the skate park was covered in rubbish so the had to move the bin back. But that it just one tiny bit of evidence that people won't walk allll the way to the bin just to put a little bit of plastic in it.

To make sure the rubbish is being put in the right bin, I think that one of each bin should be put together fifty meters from each other.

New Bins

It is my belief that Byron Bay High School would be more hygenic and sanatary if it got new bins. I think its essential to get new bins because many people don't put their rubbish in the right bin because the bin they should put it in is either unsanatary or damaged. If we got new bins, it would encourage students to recycle and compost their waste instead of thinking the best option is throwing it into the red bin that goes to landfill.

The bin should have four different types of containers. One for rubbish, outlined in a plastic bag. One for compost with a removable bucket. One for recycling, outlined with a plastic bag that can be reused. And one for soft plastics, outlined with a plastic bag that has to be tied up before it is emptied.