__________Our Environmental Impact__________

I've identified two main areas in our school where rubbish is found and I wish to minimise the amount produced. This includes the classroom and the canteen. I've also written some things that we could do to minimise our enironmental impact and make Byron Bay High School a cleaner and healthier school.


Greenhouse gass from burnig fossil fuels for electricity create earth, water and soil pollution. Plastic takes thousands of years to break down and is a serious hazard to hungry animals who can choke on it. If this destriuction of our environment proceeds, there may be one day when the environment doesn't exist at all! Its not up to the environment to change, it's up to us to change.

Our school was built near a sacred Aboriginal meeting place. It would be an insult to tarnish it with pieces of floating litter. The turtles and dolohines that live in the ocean near our school would choke on bits of plastic and die.